SEMPA 360 - 15th Annual Emergency Medicine Conference

April 14-18, 2019

New Orleans, LA

Max Credits: 24.5

Credit available 4/14/2019 - 4/13/2022

Session Max Credits % Complete Status Earned Credits
Capnography As Your Crystal Ball 0.5
High Risk Cases in Emergency Medicine 0.5
Anaphylaxis and State of the Art Management 0.5
Lactate and the Biomarkers: Tool or Stool? 0.5
Undifferentiated Shock... Making a Difference 0.5
Devastating Neurologic Conditions : Make the Diagnosis 0.5
EBM in PEM - Are You Practicing It? 0.5
Eye Emergencies You Don't Want to Miss! 1
Drops, Ointments, Creams and Patches: Be Careful! (as if we didn't have enough to worry about!) 0.5
ED Evaluation of Dizziness: Pearls and Pitfalls 0.5
Tales from the Crypt: Ghastly Tales of Dental Emergencies 0.5
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Literature Review 0.5
Massive Hemoptysis 0.5
Cruising the Cardiology Literature 0.5
Deadly Electrolyte Emergencies 0.5
STEMI "Equivalents": ECG Patterns That Need the Cath Lab 0.5
RVU Killers: 2019 Reimbursement Strategies 0.5
Dangerous Acidosis 0.5
2019 RVU Killers Part 2 0.5
CHF Updates for 2019 0.5
2019 Rev Up: Your Procedure RVUs 0.5
Shock Through the Heart: Troubleshooting ICDs 0.5
Debunking Trauma Myths 0.5
EM: RAP Paper Chase 0.5
FOAM vs. Not FOAM 0.5
Psychiatric Masqueraders 0.5
Management of Refractory Nausea and Vomiting 0.5
ED Chest Pain: Is an expedited outpatient evaluation a safe alternative to admission? 0.5
FFP, PCC, FEIBA, DOAC, Huh?: Anticoagulation Reversal 0.5
WPW: The Arrhythmic Nightmare 0.5
In Custody: Dogs, Tasers, Nightsticks, Cuffs, Stingballs, and Sprays 0.5
How To Spot The Well Appearing Patient Who Will Soon Be Dead 1
Trauma in Pregnancy- The Ultimate Twofer 0.5
Opiate Abuse and Its Effect on the Emergency Department: What Can You Do? 0.5
Orthopedic Reductions and Regional Blocks 0.5
Sepsis Management 2019 0.5
Under Pressor: Utilizing IV Pressors in the ED 0.5
Lightning Rounds: Environmental Disorders by Visual Diagnosis 0.5
Ventilator Pearls and Pitfalls: What Do Those Alarms Really Mean? 0.5
The Rapid High Yield Ortho Exam in the ED 0.5
Visual Clues in Toxicology 0.5
Tales From The ED 1
A Career in the ED - Preparing for the Marathon, Not the Sprint 0.5
The Patient with Multiple Complaints 0.5